This is a single module introducing students to evidence and theory for psycho-social approaches to prevention.

This is a single MSc level module offered over two semesters, introducing ideas that form the background of psychological measurement, …

This is a single MSc level half-module offered over one semester, introducing students to research methods that are used in public …

This is a short course with workshops introducing R and RStudio for statistical analysis.

learning statistics with jamovi (lsj for short) is a basic, introductory statistics textbook that presents most of the topics typically …


Health care professionals and E-cigarettes

Survey research led by Dr Jo Brett of knowledge and attitudes amongst health care professionals regarding the use of e-cigarettes as an …

Social Status and Family Socialization

Comparing Social Status and Family Socialization deficit hypotheses

Good Behaviour Game

NIHR funded RCT of the health impacts of the Good Behaviour Game (GBG)

SFP Cymru

MRC funded RCT of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 in Wales


NIHR funded RCT of a school-based alcohol misuse prevention programme

GDS and alcohol messages

Cross-country comparisons of response to different message types in the Global Drug Survey

SFP10-14 in Poland

Cluster RCT of the effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 in Poland


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